“Our wide range of services helps you transform your machining project into a real piece”

The aim of our company is to understand our clients’ needs. To do this, we study each project with them, striving towards constant improvement, from the initial consultation to the final production phase. We provide our experience and techniques for each request, adapting them to each case, customising the different services and looking for turnkey solutions.

Armed with the client order, we proceed to manufacture the pieces and tools required for each project. We offer high precision for single-unit pieces and prototypes, and we facilitate the contracting of all kinds of treatments needed to manufacture and machine the pieces.

1 · Consultancy

We help using technical studies to define clients’ projects in terms of materials, resistance, production, etc.

2 · Manufacturing and machining

high precision for single-unit pieces, prototypes, as well as the manufacturing of small and medium batches and gear carving.

3 · Assembly

Assembling ensembles and verification processes to check that everything is in order to then move onto later validation.

4 · Manufacturing of cutting tools and profiling of inserts

design, manufacture and sharpening of soldered and solid carbide cutting tools.

5 · Outsourcing management

Sinaex offers its clients a service to manage the outsourcing of those services that, as they are not offered by the group, are necessary for the completion of the product, such as: thermal treatments, coverings and surfaces, as well as everything else needed to ensure the perfect quality of the final product.