“SINAEX is a group of metal companies specialising in machining projects”

A group of Navarre-based metal companies specialising in the integral development of machining projects and high quality tools from the initial design phase to the final piece.

Sinaex has over 6.200m² of production area, distributed over 4 production centres. We have over 80 specialised metal-mechanic sector professionals in charge of adapting solutions to the needs of each client. It is just this wide scope of work and over 50 years of experience dedicated to metal that enable us to offer a wide variety of services with the speed and flexibility required by the most diverse sectors.

National and international companies from the most varied sectors have already placed their trust in us, thanks to:

  • Our comprehensive services adapted to each client.
  • Our quality and precision in the final product.
  • The flexibility and speed of our work.
  • Our highly competitive prices.

“Our strength lies in the union of companies that specialise in different areas of the metal sector”


* Machining company specialising in large pieces (up to 3 metres) in medium batches.
* We work with materials such as steels, foundry, oxy-fuel welding, stainless materials and others.
* Clients from the wind-power and automotive sectors.

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Inaher Machining

*Company that designs, manufactures and sharpens hard, soldered and solid carbide metal cutting tools, such as high-speed steel with covering services, TIN, Futura, Alcrona, etc.
* The materials we work with are soldered and solid carbide and high-speed steel.
* Clients from the automotive, bar-turning, tooling, aeronautical, construction sectors, as well as valves of all types, metal and wood machining industries, etc.

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*Workshop specialising in the manufacture and carving of all kinds of gears of up to 1m diameter.

* We work with materials such as steels, aluminium, stainless materials, plastic, nylon, fibreglass and celotex, among others.
* Clients from the wind power, automotive, agricultural sectors, machinery for food, paper mills, etc.

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Atondoa Workshops

*Specialised in the manufacturing of complex precision pieces, both single-unit pieces and small and medium batches.
*The materials we work with are: steel, special steels, aluminium, bronze and plastic.
*Clients from the food, aeronautical, automotive, dental, food machinery sectors, and all kinds of pieces that require high precision.

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